Reflexion Health, a virtual rehabilitation therapy company, has entered into an agreement with the nonprofit organization Los Angeles Jewish Home (LAJH) to bring the “Stand Tall” Fall Prevention Program to seniors in the Home’s in-residence facilities.

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The “Stand Tall” program was initially funded by a grant to Reflexion Health, Inc. from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). It is powered by Reflexion Health’s Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA™).

“The ‘Stand Tall’ program helps our residents improve their strength and mobility and, like a video game, is easy to navigate and enjoy,” said Molly Forrest, chief executive officer and president of LAJH. “We’re proud to be joining Reflexion Health and bring this digital solution to seniors to help them avoid falls and improve future outcomes.”

In studies with the CDC and Prevention and LAJH, the “Stand Tall” Program demonstrated significant improvements in patient strength and mobility that can translate into less risk of falling, happier residents and avoidance of costs associated with personal injury. There is also the added benefit of less dependence on assistive devices.

“We are in a new era of patient-centered, data-driven, value-based care, and virtual rehabilitation for fall prevention is a terrific example,” said Joseph Smith, M.D., Ph.D., and chief executive officer of Reflexion Health. “It is difficult to overstate the catastrophic impact of falling on frail seniors, and we are delighted to team up with LA Jewish Home to help their patients avoid this pothole in their road to recovery and successful aging.”

For more information on “Stand Tall” or to sign up for a VERA demo, click here


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