Usually, those who oppose proposed projects say they are against a particular project because that project might bring more traffic into the area.

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So it seems really odd to me that Wendy-Sue Rosen (along with Concerned Brentwood Coalition and The Sunset Coalition), are now filing a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

The Boring Company (TBC) is exploring an underground network of tunnels that would whisk people in super-snazzy electric vehicles from one location to another (see story, page 1).

The whole idea behind The Boring Company is to improve traffic conditions in Los Angeles.

If this The Boring Company scheme can actually transport people from Sherman Oaks to LAX in 12 minutes – for a dollar – isn’t that something most of us would want?

According to Rosen and her co-plaintiffs, TBC’s plans violate some sections of the CEQA laws (often abused by NIMBYs, in the view of many).

The Los Angeles City Council recently approved – unanimously – some waivers that would expedite The Boring Company’s building of the proposed 2.7-mile test tunnel, which will go from Hawthorne to Westwood.

I think the majority of Angelenos would be delighted to see this experiment take place, the sooner the better. City officials – people we voted to represent us in these matters – obviously agree.

So is it right or fair that a tiny handful of opponents can use our legal system to block, or at a minimum, delay all this? Doesn’t majority rule stand for anything?

I think this is all a big ego trip. Wendy-Sue Rosen just likes sticking it to the man – especially if the man is rich.

Charlie Munger felt the sting of Wendy-Sue Rosen’s opposition and eventually gave up on his project, Green Hollow Square.

Rosen is opposing the Berggruen Institute’s plans. Nicolas Berggruen is a billionaire, too.

So if Wendy-Sue Rosen can block Elon Musk, just think of what a thrill that would be.

Maybe she’s on the verge of pulling off the perfect trifecta!

Wendy-Sue Rosen is very good at saying what she is against. She has a much harder time, in my opinion, saying what she might be for.

Is she for or against traffic? I guess I’m now confused.

It should be noted that The Boring Company is not asking for public money to build its tunnels.

The same cannot be said for Wendy-Sue Rosen and her lawyer, John Given.

In their lawsuit, there is a request in there for court costs and attorney’s fees. So if they prevail, we, the taxpayers will be on the hook.

Is this really how we want to spend our money? It all feels like legalized extortion to me.

If Wendy-Sue Rosen really thinks she is acting in the public interest, I think she and all her attorney should do all this pro bono.

If Wendy-Sue Rosen really thinks she speaks for a majority of Brentwoodians, she should run for public office so we can put that to the test.

And if Wendy-Sue Rosen has a better idea for solving traffic than that being proposed by Elon Musk, I know we’d all like to hear it.

But unless she does, I think she should drop her lawsuit, as it could delay much-needed progress that could possibly improve the lives of millions.
















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