Alice Gruppioni was killed in 2013 during a honeymoon in Venice Beach. Since that time, the City of Los Angeles has been in talks with Gruppioni’s family in order to make sure the tragic circumstances of 2013 do not repeat themselves.

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Gruppioni was killed while crossing a boardwalk in Venice. A driver, in order to avoid hitting bollards, swerved, and drove into the boardwalk, killing Gruppioni and injuring several others. In addition to placing a memorial plaque on the scene of the incident, along with granting the surviving family members a $12 million settlement.

“No amount of money will ever bring back our beautiful Alice,” said her parents, Valerio Gruppioni and Barbara Michelini, in a press release. “What happened was a horrible tragedy for our family and the entire world. Alice was a light to us, to Italy and everyone she met.” Her husband, Christian Casadei, lamented her loss, saying “She was my future, and that is what I lost. There were and are no words to describe our dashed hopes, our lost love, and our profound loss.”


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