With stores like Amazon and Wish promising to grant a customer’s every wish with free 2-day shipping and a seemingly bottomless inventory, how are conventional shops supposed to compete? But pivoting in the complete opposite direction, of course.

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Nordstrom Local, a version of the famous outlet that carries no inventory whatsoever, is set to open in locations across L.A. and New York this year. One of the first Local stores will be located in Brentwood. After opening the first Local on Melrose ave. last year, the concept has gained ground, with more plans for the expansion of smaller, “service-oriented” stores to come.

“Nordstrom is continuing to invest in its growth strategy with the goal of increasing market share by providing customers with better and more convenient services and access to more products,” Ken Worzel, president of Nordstrom.com and its chief digital officer, said in a statement.


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