Amelia Super helps Jeff Hall try on glasses. Photos: Jeff Hall.

By Jeff Hall

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A group of Brentwood businesspeople along San Vicente called the San Vicente Business Association recently organized a “Shop Small” event on November 24th.

This is a really good idea. As the holidays approach, if you have last-minute items to round up, do it locally if you can.

The fine people who run our stores and provide are services care deeply about Brentwood and by supporting them commercially, we can thank them for making Brentwood the great place it is.

On “Shop Small” day, I walked around, checking things out. I really had no particular intention of buying anything; it was nice to catch up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while.

Then I bumped into Amelia Super, wife of Paul Super. Together they run The EyeSite, an optical store near the corner of Barrington and San Vicente. EyeSite is just east of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

I’ve known the Supers for years and have, in the past, bought eyeglasses there. But I lost the last pair I bought, and I’ve been mad at myself ever since. I think I convinced myself I didn’t deserve another pair, and that I would simply lose them again. I have a way of doing this.

Amelia tried to convince me I was being ridiculous and that I owed it to my fellow citizens to do the right thing and wear glasses while driving at night (that’s mostly what I need glasses for). Then I’d be a safer driver and maybe save lives in the process.

She made a point. Then Paul came along, and when I told him I lost my last pair of glasses, he said “Good, we have kids in college; we need to pay their tuition bills.”

With that, I went inside and got my eyes examined by a perfectly wonderful Stephanie Ivor-Smith who had me in and out in 30 minutes.

I picked out some frames that weren’t too expensive, just in case I lose them again. A week later, my new glasses were ready for pickup.

I really hope I don’t lose this pair, because these glasses are really, really good and really, really comfortable.

Now that I can see how much I was missing in recent years, I’m kicking myself for not going in earlier.

If you see me driving your way, chances are excellent I’ll see you, too – so the neighborhood just got a little safer.

Whatever you need, you can find it close by. Shop Small!

Here’s to a great holiday season and a great year ahead.


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