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Just because you breathe in enough oxygen to survive, your brain and other organs may not be receiving enough oxygen to function properly. OxygenWELL, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy center in Brentwood, however, delivers oxygen to where you need it the most, allowing Westside residents to live life to the fullest.

From world-class athletes, weekend warriors and celebrities, to children on the autism spectrum, adults in need of brain health support and even lovers, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can benefit patients from all walks of life.

Patients at OxygenWELL relax in a high-pressure, oxygen-rich chamber for this FDA-approved therapy that can transform a person’s health. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy bathes cells in the body with oxygen, regrowing and healing damaged cells and blood vessels.

“Our patients breathe in 100 percent medical grade oxygen while relaxing in our pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The pressure is the key to liquefying the oxygen into the plasma so it can reach areas where oxygen in its normal state is often limited to reach because of inflammation or damaged blood vessels,” said Beth Meneley, Functional Medicine Practioner and Licensed Acupuncturist and owner of OxygenWELL.

Here are some examples of the myriad of ways OxygenWELL can enhance the lives of Westside residents.


While Valentine’s Day may have already passed, with spring around the corner, love is still in the air. So how can oxygen therapy help play the role of Cupid? Beth Meneley explains.

“Sex drive and the ability to perform is significantly compromised by a lack of oxygen and blood supply,” Meneley said. “This can easily be reversed by allowing greater levels of oxygen to enter the body and give your libido a true boost.”


With year-round sunshine, Westsiders tend to lead a very active lifestyle. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational runner or tennis player, OxygenWELL’s therapy will boost your performance.

“Oxygen plays a critical role in the body’s ability to perform at its optimal performance capacity,” Meneley said. “Activities requiring top speed mental and physical performance can benefit from the extra energy.”


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not just beneficial for boosting physical performance, it can also boost mental performance as well.

“The brain is the highest consumer of oxygen inside the body and uses 25 percent of all the oxygen that you breathe. Getting more oxygen allows for better attention and focus, sharper memory, faster reaction time, clearer thoughts and overall better cognitive functioning,” Meneley said.


Most of us notice the aging of our skin, but internally our cells are aging too. OxygenWELL’s anti-aging therapy, however, can turn the clock back from the inside out.

“The process of aging causes a general lack of energy that transforms to all parts of the body and is generally seen as ‘slowing down’,” Meneley said. “Oxygen is the critical nutrient that can provide you with that energy to get back and play.” 

In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reverse the aging effects that are seen with sagging skin by stimulating collagen and stem cell production

On top of these traditional therapy sessions, OxygenWELL now offers 30 and 60-minute sessions with targeted Red Light therapy inside a mild hyperbaric chamber for an energizing experience, called The Energizer.

“It’s perfect for before or after exercising, a yoga class, for a quick pick me up, hangover or immune boost,” Meneley said. “Patients can bring in their iPad or phone inside this chamber, listen to music, read or relax.”

For more information, visit or call (818) 661-0939. Mention this article and get 50 percent off through March.


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