By Jeff Hall

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Summer is here and we’re all ready for June gloom to be gone. There is  plenty going on.

Ray Klein, former head of the BCC and Brentwood Homeowners Association  activist for many years, contacted me recently regarding a very interesting idea: There should be a “park and ride”-type bus service  shuttling commuters from the San Fernando Valley in and out of Santa 

Flipping out in Brentwood. Photos: Jeff Hall.

Monica every work day.

Think about all that traffic coming south every morning on the 405 Monday through Friday.  Think of all the cars trying to get from Santa Monica to the 405 every afternoon — often driving through Brentwood, overwhelming Sunset in the process.

Apparently no such bus service exists today.

Ray Klein said people talk about monorails above the 405 and tunnels through the Sepulveda Pass, which all sounds very exciting — but these ideas could take years and tons of money to implement.

Getty Scholar Hubertus Gassner, from Germany, and
Rachel Watts of The Getty. 

Meanwhile, we could start a bus service right away, said Klein.

According to Klein, the City of Santa Monica sees its population explode from 90,000 to 250,000 every work day.  According to Ray, as many as 60,000 drivers per day might switch over to such a bus service, if it were available.  That’s significant.

If interested in getting in touch with Ray – he’s trying to drum up support for this idea – let me know and I’ll put you in touch:

Another Brentwood resident, Karl Susman, runs a successful insurance company that has been a Brentwood stalwart for decades now.  He and I talked about Brentwood homeowners up in the hills who are having a hard time getting fire insurance. He told me he can help homeowners solve this problem and suggests interested parties contact him:

Susman is also writing life insurance policies for those with HIV.  Many who carry the virus are actually very healthy and will live long lives, according to Susman.  Many of these individuals do not pose a big insurance risk, added Susman.

Nevertheless, many mainstream insurance companies shun this line of business out of fear or outdated knowledge, said Susman.  If you know someone in need, have that person get in touch with Karl Susman at the email just above.

Scene from the Brentwood Run, held June 9.

Nancy Freedman recently organized a successful 10K run attended by enthusiastic runners, supporters and local merchants who set up booths along San Vicente.

The Getty Scholars recently held a graduation party up at The Getty.  Getty Scholars are visiting experts in various facets of art who conduct research at The Getty.

Some Brentwood residents have started sponsoring dinners at their homes so they can meet some of these very interesting Getty Scholars.  It’s fun!

If this is of interest to you, send me an email:

Last but not least, slow down!  I saw this car flipped over on San Vicente.  I snapped the picture out of the window of my car; I have no idea what happened.

Have a great summer, all.


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