Join panel of experts September 7 at Brentwood Library. 

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By Sam Catanzaro

Facing neglect, disease and gophers, Brentwood’s Coral trees face an uncertain future. 

Join a panel of experts to learn about the issues affecting the viability of Erythrina caffra, commonly known as the coral tree, in today’s environment. 

Lining San Vicente Boulevard, coral trees are fast-growing and suffer from weak wood, making them susceptible to collapse unless pruned regularly but cver-pruning, however, causes the trees to “sunburn.” Furthermore, San Vicente’s coral trees have not been spared by the impacts of California’s recent, record-breaking drought. Although coral trees thrive on little water, the drought forced the city to turn off irrigation to the median, posing a problem to future tree upkeep. Compounded with the effects of neglect and unfavorable weather, Brentwood’s coral trees suffer from a fungal infection spread by gophers. Oak Root Fungus is a common plant disease in California that thrives in moist conditions — the fungus has spread through the San Vicente Corridor through gopher damage. 

The discussion on the fate of the coral trees will take place on Saturday, September 7 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Kaufman – Brentwood Branch – Los Angeles Public Libary. For more details email 


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