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How to Heal the Soil and Why

By Andy Lopez

We all know how important the vital role the soil plays in your plants’ health, trees, and eventually the Earth’s health. We take for granted the soil that lies beneath our feet. For a while now, humankind has been dumping chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., into the soil, air, water, ocean. These all kill off the microbial life that lives within the soil. The microbial army whose home is the soil.

A long time ago, when I first started gardening in my backyard, I realized right away how alive the soil was. Earthworms everywhere, and many things were moving around! Looking under a microscope, I discovered a fascinating hidden world. I call them Earth Warriors. They are the real Invisible Gardeners. It didn’t take me long to realize what my calling was! To help these tiny beings in their work of healing the soil!

Why is healing the soil so important? All life depends on the Earth having living soil. The soil provides everyone else the minerals they need to be alive, stay alive, and be healthy.

The soil microbes are grouped according to their functions. The ones I am talking about are the ones that take the minerals in the soil and convert it into a soluble nutritional form that the plants can use. This is one grouped of mycelium. These guys then pass this food along to another grouped of mycelium that lives on the plants’ root hairs, trees, etc. These have evolved to attach themselves to the roots and then transfer directly into the trees.

The plant then transfers the food to all its parts. Like when we eat, the body has a system of making sure all aspects of our body receive the proper nutrition. The central part of this food is minerals. But we cannot digest minerals straight, so the microbes and plants do that.

I often tell folks that all diseases start in the soil. They are already there, waiting for the right time to emerge. When is it the right time? The higher the stress, the greater the pest. The stress can come about through many things indirectly, like overwatering. Too much water oods the soil and drowns the microbes. So the water is an indirect cause, but the real reason is that the soil no longer has these bene cial microbes to provide food to the plants.

All diseases and pests attacks are directly related to a trace mineral deficiency. The health of the soil directly affects the plants’ health and their ability to absorb the minerals.

We can help heal the soil by avoiding chemicals, especially chemical fertilizers. Use only organic fertilizers best if they carry their mycorrhiza.

Learn to apply rock dust as a source of minerals. Find a source of living compost rich in microbes.

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Andy Lopez Heal the Earth, and you Heal Yourself

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